Our story


CALVI is a family-owned textile business founded by a traditional family from Caldas de Vizela, a town in northern Portugal.
Vizela is home to part of Portugal’s textile fabric, with a wide variety of companies employing thousands of Portuguese since the beginning of the Textile and Clothing sector.

CALVI’s history began in 1966 with founder Fernando Lopes da Cunha. The company began activity producing shirts, and over time, other sections were added to the company, such as weaving and clothing.

50 years of history


All companies with a long life span go through hard times.
In 1990, CALVI saw its facilities partially destroyed when a fire destroyed much of the space, stock, and machinery that the company had built up over the years. It was a difficult time, but with the support of the local community, family, and the company’s workers, the obstacle was overcome with strength and resilience.

After the fire of 10 July 1990, CALVI had a fresh start. The facilities were rebuilt, newer equipment was acquired, and the company was reborn. In this decade, CALVI has focused on weaving and clothing, offering a more centralized service to brands and customers.

In 2013, Miguel Lopes, one of the sons, decided to lead the CALVI project, envisioning a path based on the three essential pillars of sustainability: financial, social, and environmental.

“Our greatest opportunity is to do the right things in the right place.”

“When I decided to lead the CALVI project, one of my main premises was to collaborate with purpose. What drives me in this project is my love of textiles. I grew up in the middle of the fabrics. I watched my father create and grow the business. Naturally, I absorbed all his passion, leadership, and good management practices. My mission is to continue his legacy and pass on the best message and values to my descendants. The future is in their hands. Fashion needs values, collaboration, and empathy with people and the planet. CALVI’s legacy and purpose is to collaborate and add value to others through the art we produce.”

Miguel Lopes, CEO