To guarantee the highest quality at every stage of our operation, all departments follow the highest quality standards. In addition, our suppliers and partners are subject to continuous assessment, respecting the quality, environmental, and social policies we practice and defend.

Calvi Certification

Demand in all processes

We are open to audits to ensure that our product meets the requirements of our customers and the brands with which we collaborate.


The OCS (Organic Content Standard) certificate is a certification that recognizes products containing a specific percentage of organic material. It sets standards for the production of organic materials and requires the raw material to be traced back to its origin. The OCS certificate is used to ensure that products meet responsible environmental and social criteria, with an emphasis on the presence of organic material and transparency in the production chain. This means that OCS-certified products contain a minimum amount of organic material and have been produced under established environmental and social guidelines.


The RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certificate is a certification that focuses on verifying the amount of recycled materials in textile products. It sets standards for traceability and transparency in the supply chain of products containing recycled materials. The RCS helps to ensure that products fulfill specific requirements relating to the use of recycled materials in their production. This means that the RCS certificate attests to the responsible use of recycled materials and compliance with environmental and social guidelines relating to the recycling of textile products.