Our philosophy is based on the evolution of the textile industry in four fundamental values that govern our existence:



Demand in all processes

It represents the continuous search to improve the processes of all our departments, carrying them out in a more sustainable way for the business, people, and the planet In this process, we invest in machinery that allows us to provide a quality service with the right technology to create clothes that are convenient for everyone.

Availability & Efficiency


CALVI’s vertical integrated manufacture allows it to produce clothing for brands positioned in the sportswear and streetwear segment for men, women, children, or without gender. Our production capacity enables us to take on complex projects with fast feedback to customer requests with maximum efficiency, always presenting a competitive response.



The sense of collaboration gains strength when our circle of suppliers and partners is aligned with our values and business vision. We want to add value to the lives of the people and brands we work with daily. We are connected to suppliers with policies in line with our values and work ethic.


After having presented the fundamental values of our responsible production, it is important to get to know our vertical structure with the #madeinPortugal label


In this hall, we have a vast archive of yarn that allows us to work with various types of cotton, such as certified organic cotton, pre-consumer recycled cotton, and post-consumer recycled polyester. We use the yarn to produce the fabric in the weaving room and create the specifications our customers need.


We have a completely new and modern hall made of 17 circular knitting machines. This configuration allows us to produce approximately 10,000kg of fabric a day.


The CUTTING department is equipped with high-tech machinery, which allows for greater efficiency due to the precision in cutting the moulds, reducing raw material waste. Investing in future-proof equipment enables a more agile in fulfilling our orders.

PRINT LAB_tradicional & digital

We have various solutions for customisation according to our customer’s specifications. This department is composed of machines with advanced and distinctive technology with unlimited potential, which allows us to have greater control over the quality of production, flexibility, and total confidentiality of orders.

Personalization techniques:

PRODUCTION LAB_manufacture

This department has the largest number of employees in the company. Our production line is equipped with modern and versatile machinery, allowing us to produce every day approximately 10,000 garments. In addition, we ensure that our employees enjoy safe working conditions conducive to well-being, promoting a healthy and efficient working environment.


The Industrial Laundry is an important internal department at CALVI, enabling us to wash and dry around 20,000 items a day.


This is where the final step of the order process takes place. Here, all the garments are ironed, labelled, and packaged according to our customer's requirements.


We deliver to all parts of the world.