“Our actions can transform our reality. The way we help our customers create fashion is a beautiful way to impact our world.”

Catarina Lopes, Sales Manager

Good practices

Conscience and transparency

We aren’t going to change the world, but we want to have a positive impact on our reality with good management practices. We have inherited a legacy that has adapted to market throughout history.
When we founded CALVI over 50 years ago, there were no digitally native brands. Tailoring, luxury, and exclusivity were synonymous with quality. Nowadays, the world is moving fast with brands with different visions, purposes, and positions. Today, consumers demand to know the origin of the clothes they wear, if they are made, under fair working conditions, and the faces of those who produce their favourite clothes.

At CALVI we are concerned with producing with conscience and helping our customers to create responsibly, framing the financial, social, and environmental pillars as a seal of quality. This is the place where you can communicate the transparency of your brand.

People are our greatest value at CALVI. They are the ones who hold all the knowledge that our company applies every day to the clothes we produce, pack, and send all over the world.


We produce around 40% of the energy we consume each year

We are committed to reducing gas emissions and energy consumption. For this reason, we have expanded our facilities, investing in modern technology and installing solar panels that generate around 40% of our annual energy.

Saving standard coal

74 tons per year

Carbon dioxide
emission savings

88 tons per year

Equivalent to planting

120 trees per year

Water - Saving

Conscious Production

We have been building a responsible, conscious, and committed path towards environmental preservation. One of our main goals began with saving water in our production. This concern came with the implementation of the Eco-finish Nebulization system.

Traditional washing vs
Eco-finish Nebulization system

With the Eco-finish Nebulization system, it is possible to see a reduction in water consumption during washing and, a reduction in energy consumption for both washing and drying garments. Resource-saving rates increase as we focus on finding new ecologically sustainable methods and processes.

Water usage

Tradicional washing

Water consumption of 6L/Kg, average washing time of 30 min and drying time of 40/45 min.

Eco-finish Nebulization system

Water consumption of 0.118L/Kg, average washing time of 5/10 min, and drying time of 10/15 min.